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The rising popularity of modular homes in Perth

By Jose Grimbot 0 Comment September 5, 2019

Modular homes are a great deal popular these days and for good reasons as well. The following are a few interesting facts on modular homes and reasons why people prefer living in these homes.

  • Modular homes have greatly altered the perception people have regarding homes. These are also known as transportable homes. However, it is nothing like a home on wheels. Rather it’s a home which is constructed off site in a factory.
  • Once the construction is half way completed it is transported to the site which has been selected for building purposes. The remaining interior of the house is completed on site and usually take less than fifteen weeks to be completed. This time frame is pretty small compared to the time it takes to build conventional homes. The offside construction allows contractors to save 80% of their time and is useful when it comes to reducing labor costs a well.
  • However, people confused modular homes with manufactured homes. It should be kept in mind that modular homes have a solid foundation and can’t be moved once construction has taken place.
  • The modular construction model allows home owners to quickly customize a home according to their requirements. It’s a cost effective and extremely efficient way of designing and building homes. The latest innovative technologies offer such a wide choice for home owners that no two modular homes need to look the same. 
  • There are seriously no limitations when it comes to customizing modular homes. People have had the homes of their dreams created with as little fuss as possible. Since the homes are constructed in a factory it grants home owners the ability to implement design which they like or even add a few extra features to their modular home. It doesn’t matter whether someone is looking for a home which is small and cozy or large and magnificent, there are design to suit every individual and their budget.
  • The whole process of building a modular home is stream lined. This allows these homes to be ecofriendly as well. Implementing green living ideas into modular homes is much easier. Another reason why these homes are environment friendly is the less wastage of raw material. Since the homes are designed with precision it allows for as little wastage as possible. In fact the homes can be designed from materials which actually keep the space cool during summer and warm during winter. Insulating the homes is a smart way of reducing utility bills.
  • Modular homes are considered multipurpose homes. These homes can double as home cum office. A separate portion of the home can be turned into a work station. People have incorporated personal gyms, studios and garages into their modular homes and that too with relative ease.
  • While modular homes by Australia Wide Transportables tend to be cheaper than usual homes, the cost can easily go up when you customize these. If budget is an issue you could go for standard modular homes. If budget is not an issue you can customize the home accordingly.

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