Handicap Accessible Homes - Build Plus

I think no one has a prepared argument when it comes to saying that life is the most precious gift from the Creator. Though not many people agree on the idea that intelligence, power, beauty, and fortune are equally bestowed upon each of us, individuals who are optimistic always look at the brighter side of life. Given the circumstances, physical beauty cannot surpass attitude or character, and whatever fortune you have right now, allow me to say that its nature is fleeting, transitory, and could never give you genuine happiness.

Professional builders at Buildplus have opened its doors and windows for our differently-abled brethren by coming up with the handicap accessible homes concept. More than sincere understanding and compassion, we want our clients to know that we are here to support them in any meaningful ways possible. Our prior experience with our valued clients taught us the value of empathy, more than sincerity and commitment to serve the neediest. We place ourselves in the shoes of other people; thus, making Buildplus, a trusted and reliable partner in building handicap accessible homes over the years.

Coming to Buildplus makes you the most important person despite your condition. Allow us to prove that we walk the talk with these very important features that are in store just for you.

An accessible backyard

At Buildplus, we know the feeling of being contained inside your room for more extended periods of time. Our engineers and builders at Buildplus would like you to have a breath of fresh air and experience nature all by yourself. Buildplus came up with an idea of extending and widening pathways and raising beds to allow you to move around easily without the concern for obstructing pots and plants. More than that, we want the smooth traffic of wheelchairs and excellent traction for walkers; thus, making certain that every surface is made firm and leveled, following strict federal mandates. 

Building ramps instead of stairs

Buildplus totally know the feeling of constantly going in and out of your home. Our handicap-accessible homes have customized ideas for people with special needs. The construction of doorways, countertops and with particular concern for restrooms, has totally upgraded by making it wider, safer, and more accessible. Patients who are dependent on their wheelchair can now be assured of great mobility given these innovations.

  Glimpses of easy access

  • Doorway entrance should at least be 32” to 36” wide.
  • Slopes or incline on wheelchair ramps should follow the standard of 915mm or 36 inches.
  • Utilization of offset door hinges to improve clearance on doorways
  • Accessible locations for light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats, and several environmental controls
  • Recommended smart homes devices
  • Sturdy walls for side rails and grab bars
  • Lowered countertops
  • Lower sinks
  • An open space for wheelchair rotation
  • Ground-level cabinets

We at Buildplus will be waiting and expecting you soon to come and visit us. Our lines are open just for you 24/7. Should there be more questions and concerns, please read our flyers and print ads for more details.