Single Vs. Two Storey Homes - Build Plus

Before buying or building a home, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a single vs. two-storey house.  In this article, we’ll discuss the two in detail as follows:

Advantages of single-storey homes


It is simple to plan and design in all shapes and sizes that meet your needs, budget, and lifestyle. You can build flexible rooms, open kitchen, living and dining areas, and other elegant exterior features at an affordable cost.


They offer flexibility in the design of the interiors to serve multiple functions. You can have vaulted ceilings, dramatic windows and use skylights to add a spacious feel. You may decide to combine the dining room, living room and kitchen to create a comfortable place for gathering.

Ease of expansion

You can quickly expand a single-storey home. They can be an excellent design for first homeowners. If you need to make changes or remodel the house, you can easily achieve it.


They are more resistant to earthquakes and no risk of personal injuries to those who build them.

The absence of stairs eliminates the risks of children falling and the challenges that older adults may face when moving upstairs. In cases of fire, you can quickly and safely evacuate the home.

Disadvantages of single-story home

Less privacy

They put you at the same eye level with the rest of the world passing by. You feel exposed to the neighbourhood especially when you lack a fence.

Lower resale value

If you want to resell them, you may resell them at lower prices since demand rooms with more space such as a two-storey home for the better accommodation of their children.

A small number of bathrooms

 This may be a disadvantage to families who want each member to have their bathroom.

Advantages of two-storey homes

Square footage on the same amount of land

You can acquire more vertical space in the same amount of land. This allows you to store more items and have more rooms since you are working with two levels.

Elevated view

If your home is in a region with a lot of scenery, a high view will allow you to see more of the surrounding. It may also give you an option to put in a balcony to enhance the viewing.

Separate bedrooms

You can have a clear separation between bedrooms and living spaces. You may design in a way that everybody may have their bedroom if they wish.


Harder to clean and evacuate

The great separation between bedrooms and the living area makes it harder to clean the home or to evacuate in case of emergencies such as fire.

Staircase accidents

Stairs can be dangerous to young children, the elderly or people with mobility issues.

Your choice depends on your personal opinion and if you prefer stairs.

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