Floor Polishing Brisbane

It is recommended that you polish your floor made from hardwood every 2-3 months to keep it presentable and shiny....
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Floor Polishing Brisbane

4 Things To Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts

After going through all the available properties and the contractors, you’ve made all the choices, signed the contracts and finally,...
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4 Things To Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts

What To Look For In A Contractor

If you want to make constructions or do remodelling, it is good that you find a skilled contractor to handle...
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What To Look For In A Contractor

Floor Polishing Brisbane

It is recommended that you polish your floor made from hardwood every 2-3 months to keep it presentable and shiny. By applying polish to your floor, you fill scratches and protect the original finish from fading away due to regular cleaning. Before polishing your floors, you should perform a thorough cleaning as you always do every week. This exercise will make your floor remain as new for a long period. Polishing is not limited to wooden floors alone, it can be done to concrete floors as well.

How to Polish Wood Floors

Hardwood floors can be tricky to maintain if you don’t follow procedures of polishing it. I have a list of steps to be followed when polishing your wooden floor.

  • Move furniture and other rugs aside or outside of the building before you start. You may ask a friend or a family member for assistance in lifting heavy furniture like sofa sets and anything else that requires the efforts of more than one person to transfer. If you are all alone, place furniture pads onto their legs before sling them to where you want them to be. Wrap up all other rugs and transfer them as well.
  • After removing every other furniture on the floor, start vacuuming your floor. This process ensures all the dust and debris that maybe there are gotten rid of. Take caution when using a vacuum to ensure it does not have any rough plastic part on the edges or near the bottom. If vacuum cleaners have faulty wheels that could damage your floors. If you don’t have one please use a broom instead to get rid of debris and dust.
  • Discover the finish of your floor, if your floor has polyurethane, expect it to have a hard finish, while shellac and lacquered may need to be waxed because they don’t have any water on them. If your floor is shellacked/lacquered you may need to remove or strip the wax yearly. Otherwise, use denatured alcohol plus lacquer thinner in testing your floor finishing. You can perform a test in a small area of your floor that has always been covered by rugs or furniture. You need to apply 2-3 drops of alcohol and after a few seconds you touch the spot with a cloth and if it feels soft, then conclude that it is shellac, if not, apply 2-3 drops of lacquer thinner onto a nearby spot, if it softens then conclude it is finished with lacquer, otherwise if it feels tacky, then it is water-based.
  • Mop up polyurethane floors by mixing a few drops of liquid in a bucket of water. Wring the mop and use it to mop the floor along the grains. Mop with smooth strokes from the interior towards the doorway. Wipe excess liquid from your floor because standing water may damage your floor finishing. Use a clean dry towel to dry up the floor. Don’t ever mop waxed floors but a vacuum or sweep them.
  • The next step is to buff up the floor using a microfiber cloth, you could as well use a buffing machine
  • Use the right polish finally and use a water-based polish, use wax-based polish for other finishes. You should test your floor to ascertain the finishing even if you know.
  • Finally, apply your polish by directly spraying on the floor or use a cloth to apply using feathering technique strokes to make a streak-free finish
  • Apply from the interior parts and work towards the door in 3×3 square feet sections, if your floor is waxed apply in 2-3 layers and not a single thick layer, give 24 hours before the next application.
  • Allow the polish to dry for 24 hours before walking in and replace your furniture after two days.

For best results, hire Brisbane floor polishing experts to do the job right.

4 Things To Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts

After going through all the available properties and the contractors, you’ve made all the choices, signed the contracts and finally, you are ready to start on your construction project.

You shouldn’t be hasty and jump into the project without covering all of your basis. You need to make sure that your contractor is on the same page as you about how the project will go. This will come in handy when specifically, if you have a lot of furniture to move.

Here are a couple of things you should go over with the contractor.

Working schedule

Many construction professionals have a standard work schedule. It may vary if the property is occupied or not. Make sure that you are aware of the contractor or if the subcontractor plan on working into the evenings or during the weekends. Have this conversation before the project starts so that the expectations are set accordingly.

A schedule isn’t just limited to the starting and the end date. Understanding the sequence of all the projects steps happening is very important.

Trash pickup and parking

Depending on the location of your property, there may be ample space for parking or none to begin with. The neighbors might be territorial about their parking spot. You might end up needing a permit from the local authorities to park your dumpsters and any other equipment.

Make sure to communicate the schedule for trash/recycling pickup to your contractor. You don’t want to have the road/alley blocked on those days.


Get a list of all the contact details you’ll need, for all the employees and building contractors ballarat involved in your project, including the on-site point of contact. Ensure that the contractor has all of your contact details as well, including details to be used in emergencies.

Inquire about daily updates, will those be communicated via email or a daily/weekly meeting, or you could ask them to enter the updates in an online tool. If you were expecting updates from the construction company and they hadn’t planned on it, speak up before starting the project to have the necessary arrangements made.

Any part of the project that concerns them

There is always a part of the project that prompts immediate action for change. Having worked on multiple projects before yours, it is probable that your contractor already knows about it. Talking about it before the project starts could prepare you well for what lies ahead. Discuss some worst-case scenarios and get more information about the risks involved in your project. In the long run, it saves you a lot of hassle and money, and the contractor gets to know the intricate details about your project before they invest any effort into it.

What To Look For In A Contractor

If you want to make constructions or do remodelling, it is good that you find a skilled contractor to handle all your work. Other than this, you can avoid the restrictions and risks of the building.

Before you hire a contractor, you need to consider some essential pointers as discussed below: 

Have licenses, bonds, and insurance covers

These official papers are vital when legal questions and issues arise. Your contractor should have the necessary permits, bonds and insurance covers which will help you from facing financial and legal difficulties in the event of a dispute between you and the contractor.

A license shows that the contractor meets the state standards and a bond protects you if the contractor defaults. Insurance covers protect the contractor and their employees in cases of injuries on the job.

Good communication

They should be able to communicate to you about the job progress, any arising issues and ask some questions where necessary. You should hire one who communicates effectively during the bidding process as they can communicate effectively during the project itself.

Transparent pricing

A contractor with a detailed estimate of prices displays transparency and preparedness in doing the work. It will show where and how they will incur the costs which provide an essential baseline for project costs.

The price estimates will help you from incurring unexpected costs since you are in a position to determine the scope and appropriateness of any excess charges.


It will help you understand better the quality and type of work the contractor can perform. They usually put their best work in a portfolio. Therefore, you may see evidence of work over some time so that you examine consistency as well as improvement in their work. You may also ask about their quality of work that is not in the portfolio.

Work guarantee

Hire a contractor who guarantees to work and strive for quality in their work. For instance, one who will guarantee to fix any problems arising within a specific duration or do partial refunding for unsatisfactory work. This shows quality control and good contractor standards.

Project description

A project description includes the specific work that they will complete, brands and materials they will use, a timeline and a working schedule. They are a good measure of how long a project will take, provide an important baseline for tracking the project’s progress and help establish appropriate expectations.

Finally, what people say about the contractor will be important in making hiring decisions. Good reviews will provide an important guidepost when evaluating a contractor. Reviews on the work done can help determine the success of the contractor.

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