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The Best Baby Room Wallpaper Ideas

By Jose Grimbot 0 Comment October 14, 2019

Wallpaper use is one of the easiest ways to give your baby’s room an upgrade in the shortest time. You want your baby to feel comfortable within its room, right? Then you have to choose the right type of wallpaper. Patterns can be overwhelming for babies, and this can make them dislike their room it; leads to discomfort.

When it comes to babies, there are some additions: you must consider the cleansing characteristics and development level of the babies. With these factors at hand, you can create an interior that suits the needs and atmosphere for your baby. Of great importance is to have a room that grows with your baby.

If you had babies before, you’d notice that there is a tendency to change the wallpaper in the room of kids frequently. This is because the kids go through different developmental stages. Each stage needs a different thing to stimulate them. While changing the wallpaper can be necessary, you do not need to replace them each year. Baby nursery wallpaper installed by Fancify are of good quality, and they will last for a long time.

Tangible ideas to consider

The atmosphere of the baby’s room must be comfortable. That comes as a result of having the right combination of colours and patterns. Let’s look at some ideas to keep in mind.

Baby room as a versatile place

In essence, a child carries out all activities in a single room. They sleep, eat, play, and learn in the same room. Besides, people will visit the baby in that room.  This can be overwhelming for a parent when it comes to selecting the right theme. Would you use bright or dull colours?

Here’s the deal:

The age of the baby determines the kind of wallpaper you use. Nonetheless, there are few general guides to follow;

  • Place the most exciting patterns towards the head of the bed. This will keep the bay engaged throughout the stay. Also, wallpapers with warm colours should be placed at relaxing points. If you have stimulating colours and patterns, place them where kids frequently play.
  • When you opt to use wallpapers with patterns, the best kinds are those with geometric or floral patterns, striped, polka-dotted and star wallpapers. The best practice is to place these wallpapers in all for the walls of the room.

Balance the decoration

The design of the baby’s room must not be overwhelming. Babies learn fast.  They grow; they tend to develop likings for some things. At the same time, they’ll show displeasure for others. During their development, they’ll find some colours and patterns, either dull or overwhelming. In such a condition, they’ll try to show displeasure. Any environment that is not calming can be detrimental to the development of kids. To beat this:

  • For smaller rooms use bright colours and patterns that are delicate. Such designs and colours open up the room
  • Use colourful wallpapers, with warm hues

Babies developmental stages

Most parents always go for traditional patterns and colours when selecting wallpapers for babies. You’ll find pastel colours and some with funny anime images. This isn’t wrong, but babies work well with bright colour considering that their site is not fully developed.  To attract the attention of babies, use primary colours like yellow, red, or blue.

As time goes by, the baby develops. Understanding the developmental stages of the baby is a primary step in enabling you to create an enabling environment for your baby. Warm colours and patterns with animal figures, trees, and flowers work well for babies.

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