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Shutter Doors Sydney

By Jose Grimbot 0 Comment November 6, 2019

As much as curtains and blinds are important on the doors as well as on the windows, you need to think outside the house in bringing decorum closer to your invited and uninvited guests, and not forgetting the neighbourhood. Use shutter doors that adds aesthetics to a home as well as add value.

Why shutter doors?

Because they are simple.  They are simple and easy to install, affordable and bring along liveliness to your exterior decor. They offer your home a lease of life and a face that blends along with the personality. The colour of the shutter doors and the accent makes homes authentic and stand out from the crowd. With a quality pair of shutter doors, you enhance the feel and the look a home has plus adding value to your home.

Types of shutter doors and materials used

To list the shutter door designs available could take a lot of time, let me categorically examine three common types, and if by the end of the list still have time, I will consider some more.

Raised panel shutters

They comprise panels of equal sizes that provide added security and raised colonial look. They require fixing by an expert with extra precision to keep it in place and at the right angles. They sometimes act as the doors.

Louvred shutters

They have slats separated by mullions. It looks more traditional, but with slats, you experience additional attraction in the exterior.

Board and batten shutters

Board and battens shutters comprise of vertical boards and cross battens, they give a traditional cottage-style look and provide aesthetic and authentic looks.

Materials common shutters are made from


Different wood type makes a different statement from the rest. Amongst the common wood types are marble, but oak, poplar, alder, pine are reliable types and commonly found. Wooden shutters can be painted with the colour of choice or clear furnished to broadcast the patterns of bur oak, for example, to give a traditional look that is breathtaking. A good idea to choose colours that blend in with your exterior and interior decor; most of the wooden shutters are treated first for them to withstand the weather conditions from the outdoors.

Plastic and vinyl

The two options sound synthetic and artificial, but they feature a simulated wood grain look that is difficult to distinguish from the natural wood. They are long-lasting as compared to wooden material which requires yearly repainting. Plastics and vinyl will stay long with the original colour require minimum maintenance.

How to measure shutters before shopping

The rule remains; measure before buying. Precision is the key to ensure you shop for shutters that fit in. Take your time to measure and jot down the figures, once the figures are ready, choose the colours and shapes that you like. The equal widths for the doors and windows as well as the height to maintain proportionality when fixed in place.


Choose a qualified carpenter to fit the shutters for you. Although the shutters will come easy-to-follow installation instructions, you still need the carpenter unless you have all the tools of a carpenter and good at instructions. It will be an easy task to install, and it can be done in minutes. The following are some of the tools you need to install the shutters.

  • Rubber mallet
  • Electric drill
  • A quarter drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Shutter fasteners
  • Pencil
  • Ladder.

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