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Post and Rail Fencing

By Jose Grimbot 0 Comment May 12, 2020

Post and rail fencing is an ideal choice for those that intend to demarcate their house boundaries or keep livestock. It utilises vertical and horizontal railings and designed with various materials such as synthetic, plastic, and metal. With a post and rail fence, you get an excellent value for your money spent on fencing. Post and Rail Fencing is usually available in fence heights of 900 – 1800 mm. Its simple design makes it an ideal choice for use on various topography such as sloping and uneven ground.

Benefits of installing post and rail fencing

One of the standout benefits of post and rail fencing above other types is its simplicity. Below are the top 5 benefits installing a post and rail fence:

1.     Aesthetics

Post and rail fencing adds a fascinating look to a property regardless of the type and size. A full, narrow, flat or sloppy terrain is perfect for installing a post and rail fencing.

It opens up a broad view for visitors to notice the beauty of your compound from outside without trespassing into your property. This is an advantage over other types of fence which obstruct viewers from seeing your property from outside. Post and rail fence blends well with various property designs as it is visually appealing.

2.     Cost-effective

Relatively, post and rail fencing is cheaper than other fence types. You may choose a variety of styles, but you will realise that it is quite economical and cost-effective than different fence types. Also, you save on materials as the rails contain lots of spaces between each other.

3.     Durable

It doesn’t wear quickly and considering its relatively low cost; you get great value for money. It lasts long, and you can use it for several years without the need for replacement. Comparatively, post and rail fencing won’t decay so fast like other types of fence. Naturally, it is sturdy and can serve various purposes, such as security and livestock protection.

4.     Ease to Install

A post and rail fencing is quick and easy to erect as you only need to fit the pegs into already prepared holes. It does not take time to install, and within a short time, you can get it installed. Also, it is hassle-free to uninstall, with the same ease of mounting. You can either install it as a temporary fence or a permanent one. To install it permanently, push the pegs deeper into the holes for a firm grip into the soil.

5.     Easy to Customise

You can easily customise and make necessary adjustments based on your need and preference. The length and width of your pole or rail can be modified with less difficulty based on the size of your property. You do not need ready-made fences with a one size fit all package when you can purchase a post and rail fencing that is easy to customise to your unique setting. When you need to adjust your area boundaries, disassemble the rails and posts, reinstall them at the new edges. To make your fence more secure, you can put barbed wire around the rails.

Post and rail fencing is a simple yet classy way to protect your boundaries without spending so much as you would do with other types of fence. If you require durable, customisable and inexpensive fencing, choose the post and rail fencing.

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