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Dressing up a pergola in your home

By Jose Grimbot 0 Comment March 14, 2020

The best outdoor retreat is a pergola. It can double as an aesthetic structure as well as an entertainment space when you have guests come overt your home. The pergola can be decorated in a variety of ways. If you want to dress up your pergola to make it look classy and beautiful, then keep the following simple tip from pergola builders in Adelaide in mind:

String fairy lights around it

While the holiday season is long over you can still get your hands on some festive lights and hang the across the pillar of your pergola. Another great option are fairy lights. These are small and twinkling and can greatly enhance the look of the pergola when switched on at night. Fairy lights come in a variety of colors and designs and tend to add a great deal of sophisticated beaut to any object they adorn. If you are looking for an ethereal look which would leave your guests awed and impressed, string some fairy lights around the pergola.

Another variation which you can do with string lights is attach different patterns and shapes to it. These lights can be strung the year round so you don’t have to worry about setting up your outdoor space every time an occasion comes up. Whether it’s a usual get together with friends or family or a more festive Christmas dinner you are good to go.

Growing clinging vines around the pergola

If you are a nature lover you would simply love the idea of growing a hanging garden around the pergola. You could even make use of some pots and hang those around the poles. The pots can be painted in bright colors to add to the beauty of the outdoor space. Burnt orange and shades of terra cotta are a beautiful choice. However, you could choose any color palate which appeals to you.

Add a cover to your pergola

Pergolas are actually open structure which are usually placed in the garden or the yard for an aesthetic look. However, if you plan to make use of it you may want to consider adding a cover to your pergola. Once the pergola is covered it can be used as a small outdoor seating area. The cover offers protection from the sun and the falling leaves from the trees. Also the covers are retraceable and can be opened and closed whenever you want to.

Adding drapes to pergolas

Drapes gives a breezy and ethereal look to a pergola. These can be hung between the posts. There are curtain which are designed specifically for this purpose. These are light enough to blow in the breeze and also offer soft protection from the heat of the sun.

Outdoor fan

You can even add an outdoor fan to the pergola. It would offer you ton of cool air on days which are particularly hot. Its incentive enough to allow you to venture out of your home when the weather turns too hot.

The above mentioned are a few ways in which you can jazz up your pergola. For more information on installation and charges, make sure you choose pergolas built in Adelaide.

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